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You deserve a comfortable, convenient family planning option.

Founded in Seattle in 1987, DrSnip is an outpatient vasectomy clinic. Our doctors pioneered the DrSnip Vasectomy Technique and perform thousands of procedures each year.

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Why Vasectomy?


The most reliable of all birth control methods.

A vasectomy is 50x more reliable than birth control pills and 300x more than condoms.


A simple, convenient office procedure.

The procedure can be performed in an outpatient clinic with a single visit, including consultation.


The least expensive method of birth control.

Over time, a one-time vasectomy costs less than the overall cost of the pill, an IUD, or even condoms.


A safer and less risky family planning option.

A vasectomy is the only form of male permanent birth control. It is also safer and less invasive than tubal ligation.

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Why consider DrSnip?

Vasectomy is what we do.

Our goal is to make your experience simple and comfortable. We’ve been refining our approach for decades, and today the DrSnip Vasectomy Technique offers a minimally invasive procedure to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible.

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Have Questions?

Does it hurt? How much does it cost? What can’t I do after, and for how long?
You’ll find answers to these questions and more in our FAQ section.

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Is vasectomy covered by insurance?

Many plans cover the cost of vasectomy, fully or partially. We will check your benefits and estimate your share of costs before your appointment, so you know what to expect.

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How else can we help you?

Our staff and doctors share a common goal: to make vasectomy simple, comfortable, and accessible to all.

Choosing to get a vasectomy is an important and personal decision. We want you to understand your options and make the right choice for you and your family. Feel free to reach out with any questions and we will be happy to assist you.

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What our patients are saying

Elliott Karr

Dr Snip was a great experience for me— it’s newer to the Portland area and so reviews may be limited, but I am here to say if you’re ready for the snip… go here! I had originally tried to have my procedure with Planned Parenthood but the waiting list was over 6months out so I opted to look around at other options. I found Dr Snip from a quick Google search and called for an appointment.

Things I liked — They are very quick to get you scheduled (2ish weeks for me) and make the process a single day ordeal. They are very transparent with your upfront cost, no surprises after the visit. You pay upfront and you’re out the door. They are very professional about how they handle the process and are great about making as comfortable of an experience as possible. The procedure is quick, the recovery was minimal, and the doctor made sure to call and check up with me the next day to make sure everything was on the mend. In conclusion, having my vasectomy at Dr Snip was the ideal situation for having it done in PDX and I have already told my friends about my experience so they know where to go in the future.

Matthew Key

Easy, quick. No issues. Staff and MD were awesome. Great follow up and support if needed. Would highly recommend. Hardly any recovery time.

Matt Vogel

Not the most exciting thing to have done, but they made it very comfortable. Dr even called to check up on me the day after which I thought was a nice touch.

Will definitely recommend them to others who are in need of a snip

Jarrod Reeves

Was much quicker and easier than I expected. Total time was less than an hour for Covid Test, Consultation and procedure. So far everything is going good with it. Had done on Saturday which was nice and back to work on Monday. Highly recommend this place.

Marco Aguilar

Honestly the best experience I could’ve asked for. I have nothing bad to say at all. Everyone was really nice! Dr. Klotz did a great job! He was very easy to talk to, very careful and mindful during the surgery. I would recommend Dr. Snip without a doubt!

Kevin Parnow

Extremely professional, clean, and comfortable. A 10/10 experience! Dr. Klutz and all the assistants at the Portland clinic were super helpful in answering all my questions and explaining the procedure to me. Nearly painless and the healing process was a breeze, even received a follow up phone call from the doc the following day to make sure I was doing well. Would recommend to anyone who’s decided to move forward with a vasectomy.

Matt Eads

This was a very easy procedure. It was comfortable, they were very friendly, it was quick, and it seems recovery has been easier than it was for my friends who had it done elsewhere with perhaps a different technique. Overall I’m very happy with the whole process.


I was referred to Dr. Snip by a friend who was also a patient. My experience was nothing short of spectacular. Though the name sounds comical, the Doctors and Staff were extremely sensitive and professional. They ensured that I completely understood the procedure, thoroughly answered my questions, and when the procedure was done, Doctor Wilson personally checked in with me to ensure I was doing well. The process was minimal and the discomfort after was minor. They even gave me a nifty multi-tool which I jokingly referred to as my "Snip Kit" ? Very happy with my experience and would TOTALLY recommend Dr. Snip to any guy thinking about having this done.

Geordy Greene

I was referred by a friend who had used them before and had a great experience. Scheduling was super easy and the staff was amazing. They called to clarify everything and go over all the steps before the procedure. The day of was equally easy and comfortable, Dr. White was very easy to talk to and made things very easy. He explained everything very clearly and made sure I was on board with moving forward. The procedure was relatively painless and over much quicker than expected. Even the follow up was great and I got a call from Dr. White the next day and after dropping of samples. He was very hands on with communication which I appreciated. Highly recommend and wouldn’t hesitate to refer a friend as I was.

Brett Faulds

From start to finish the experience was great. I needed to change providers last minute and they got me scheduled with only 4 days notice. Office staff was timely and helpful with insurance billing info. Dr. White was great as well. Highly recommend these folks for the snip.

Benjamin Briner

They do one thing, and they do it right.

Chris Stewart

I wasn't sure where to go for a vasectomy but Dr. Snip came highly recommended at my work. The entire trip lasted about 45 minutes including consultation. Everything was explained thoroughly and when it came time for the procedure, it went quickly and professionally. Dr. White made sure everything was in good order and clean before discharging me. He even called the next morning to make sure everything was going well. Definitely consider this place for your procedure.

Cole Stevens

The whole experience was great! They were very flexible with scheduling, courteous, and knowledgeable. I felt at ease the entire time. They made sure I knew what to expect and made very clear what I could do at home to make the process smoother at home. They also have a wonderful sense of humor and bedside manner to keep your mind at ease during the procedure. What a great pocket knife too! I will certainly recommend.

Craig Gocha

Absolutely amazing experience.

Greg Noel

Don’t let the tongue in cheek name fool you, they are very professional and very conscientious of COVID protocols. They billed straight to my insurance and I didn’t have to do a thing. They were able to get me in just before the New Year. Watching the ball drop has a completely different meaning to me now. Everyone was friendly and kept the overall feeling light. It was quick and painless. The procedure itself was over in minutes and I was out the door to my waiting ride. Call me nuts, but I even watched the whole surgery as it was performed (100% optional, but fascinating, if you’ve got the stomach for it. Pro Tip: don’t eat spaghetti for dinner that night). I sacked out on the couch afterwards, as directed (couldn’t we all use an excuse to spend the day on the couch?), but I felt like I could have gone on with a regular work day right after. I was feeling a little teste when I got home so I took 3 ibuprofen but that was it. The next day the gauze came off and I put on a bandaid to try out my Pulp Fiction’s Marcellus Wallace impression, but I’m sure I was fine at that point without. Just over a week after the procedure I can’t even see the scar. It’s like nothing ever happened.

Jesse Shao

Friendly staff, clean facility, and extremely quick and painless process. Consultation took the bulk of the hour I was there, and the procedure was less than 10 minutes. The Doctor struck a perfect balance of conversation, instruction / heads up, and humor through it as well. For getting snipped, I can safely say it was oddly a pleasant experience. That takes skill. I am now at home healing with little to no pain, even the day after I was up and about doing light chores around the house.

Andrew Bye

I was referred by my primary physician, who even recommended them over their own in house operation. Dr. White was my doctor and he was fantastic, as well as the rest of the staff! They are well oiled machine with great customer service. This was my first surgery of any kind and they took the time to explain everything to me and answer and questions or concerns. This really helped calm my nerves. I even ended up chatting about music with one of the nurses who helped get me set up while I waited. During the procedure Dr. White was very attentive to my comfort level and made the experience as quick and painless as possible. I strongly recommend Dr. Snip to anyone thinking about the procedure!

Erik Ryason

The whole procedure went well. No issues or complaints at all. The team was super professional and helpful. 11/10 recommend.