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Questions About The DrSnip Experience

We understand you might not be “looking forward” to this procedure. We want to make your vasectomy experience simple, convenient, and comfortable. Vasectomy is what we do. We’ve performed tens of thousands of vasectomies using a proven and minimally invasive technique. Beyond the procedure, we are available to you. From your first communication through your aftercare, we’re here to help every step of the way.

However you like! You can register online or give us a call. We have appointments available almost every week. If you are using your insurance benefits, please allow us a week to check your benefits coverage for you. If you are paying privately, we might be able to see you within a week of receiving your completed registration forms.

Just one. We can perform your consultation and procedure in a single visit. During your consultation, we will discuss your procedure, your other birth control options, and your reasons for considering a vasectomy.  We will answer any questions you and your partner may have.  After your consultation, if you are ready to proceed, the doctor will perform the procedure.

Please note the following prior to your appointment:

  • Avoid all aspirin and aspirin-containing products (such as Bufferin, Excedrin, Alka Seltzer) for five days before vasectomy. Stop ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatories two days before vasectomy. Use Tylenol at any time.
  • Lather and wash the scrotum and groin area the evening before or the day of your vasectomy.
  • The day before, shave or trim away the hair from a two-inch circle on the front of the scrotum, just below the base of the penis. Or you may choose to leave the shaving to the doctor.
  • Wear a clean pair of briefs or boxer-briefs, rather than boxers. Don’t own briefs? Wear bike shorts or a Speedo to provide support to the scrotum.
  • Maintain your normal diet on the day of your procedure.
  • Shower the morning of your appointment. After the procedure, you will not be permitted to shower until the following morning.

Read our DrSnip Info Booklet. It contains essential information to help prepare you for your vasectomy. You can download it here.

Patients typically find themselves pleasantly surprised that they didn’t need sedation. Sedation and general anesthesia effects can be more unpleasant and have lasting effects that aren’t necessary for a relatively quick procedure. We prefer you leave the clinic with a clear head.

Every person is unique, and some men are more sensitive to pain or even just discomfort, especially in this area. (For many men, thinking about vasectomy may be more uncomfortable than the procedure itself.) We do not promise a “pain-free vasectomy,” but we are committed to making your vasectomy experience as comfortable as we can. An overwhelming majority of our patients say there was only mild or minimal pain/discomfort after their procedure.

Not a problem – we’re here to make this experience as comfortable as possible. If you need pain medicine to rest comfortably, we can prescribe medication for your pain. We also encourage patients to keep in touch if they are experiencing significant discomfort or pain post-procedure to determine whether they might be experiencing a complication.

We would like to remind you that while you may be eager to return to activity, pain medicine is not a substitute for rest during the recovery period.

The hypospray, or jet injector, used for the DrSnip Vasectomy is a MadaJet®. The MadaJet was introduced in the 1970s by the late Ralph Adam, M.D., founder of Mada Medical, Inc. The MadaJet is most commonly used for dental anesthesia and one of several designs of needle-free jet injectors used for the administration of medications, vaccines, and local anesthetics.

When used in vasectomy, patients typically describe the sensation as a mild snap, like a rubber band against the skin. So, while it is not entirely painless, the hypospray has been widely preferred over a needle among our thousands of vasectomy patients. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions, you're not the only one.

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