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Costs & Insurance Questions

If you are unsure if your insurance includes coverage for vasectomy, we can check on your coverage for you. Just click here to provide us with the necessary information. Alternatively, you can also call your Member Services at the number on the back of your insurance card and inquire directly. If you like, you can call us first and we will tell you exactly what to ask, so that you can obtain an accurate estimate from the insurance representative. 

If you do not have insurance or do not wish to use your insurance , we offer a discounted rate that includes your consultation, procedure, and follow-up care. While exact pricing may differ by location, we will always be less expensive than other local providers. 

We are contracted with most insurance companies, including Cigna , Aetna, First Choice, UnitedHealthcare, Premera, and Regence. We also have many affiliate agreements through BlueCross and BlueShield. If you would like to know if your insurance company is contracted with us, click here to submit your information online and we will inquire for you. Or, give us a call to speak with our team. 

Many plans cover vasectomy but first apply the cost to your annual deductible. If you have not met your deductible for the year, your share may include up to the full cost of the procedure. In such cases, any payment you make will be credited to your deductible and your out-of-pocket maximum for the year. If you like, we will check with your insurance company on your behalf check benefits coverage and estimate what your share of costs may be. We also recheck benefits for patients who have called and wish to postpone their procedure until after their yearly maximums have been met.

There are legal guidelines that determine which plan is considered primary and secondary. If you have one plan in your name and another in your spouse’s name, your plan will usually be designated the primary plan. If both plans are in your name, the plan that you have had longer is typically deemed primary. Similarly, commercial plans through an employer or the state marketplace are typically always primary to military and Medicaid plans. If you are unsure which of your plans is the primary payer, please call the Member Services phone numbers on the back of your insurance cards and tell each plan about the other. They will determine which plan should be billed first. Making sure this information is accurate prior to your appointment will help us accurately estimate your out-of-pocket costs, if any.

We are not contracted with Tricare but we can bill them as a courtesy. We would collect a flat rate from you, and once they process your claim, Tricare would reimburse you a percentage of your payment. Your reimbursement amount is based on your current Tricare benefits and deductible status.

We accept Medicaid plans in some states. Please contact us to inquire if we can accept Medicaid in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions

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