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Life After Vasectomy Questions

Almost all men (99.2%) who have vasectomy are completely satisfied with the operation afterward. They enjoy freedom from other contraceptive methods that can interfere with lovemaking, freedom from worry about an accidental pregnancy, and freedom from concern about the effects of the pill or IUD on their partner’s health. A small number of men later regret having the operation. That is why it is so important to make the decision carefully, without any outside pressure. Your satisfaction depends largely upon your own preparation and thoughtful decision-making.

Vasectomy has been in use since the early 1900s. Over 20 million American men have had vasectomy for sterilization. No long-term adverse effects have been proven with vasectomy. Ongoing studies have not demonstrated that vasectomy plays any role in prostate cancer, heart disease, or autoimmune diseases. Chronic pain affecting the genital tract develops in a small number of men with or without a vasectomy. Medical scientists continue to explore the minor changes in the body associated with vasectomy. While it is possible that there are undiscovered health risks, this possible risk should be weighed against the benefits of vasectomy for you.

Sex drive, erection, orgasm, and ejaculation are not disturbed by the operation. Vasectomy only blocks the sperm cells from entering the semen. The male sex hormones in the blood do not change. If a man or his partner had negative feelings about vasectomy, like other feelings it could affect sexual performance. However, many men and women have said that the relief from worry about pregnancy has improved their sex lives after vasectomy.

Prostatitis and epididymitis are both common conditions in men, whether or not they have had a vasectomy. There does not appear to be a long-term increase in these conditions due to vasectomy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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