Frequently Asked Questions

Post Vasectomy Questions

You are not likely to notice the anesthetic wearing off, because the numb area is small, about the size of a dime, and there is nothing there that hurts. The small opening we made in the skin is closed, has no stitches, and usually does not hurt at all.

Visit our Post-Vasectomy After Care page to see our activity guidelines.

Yes, we require that you have someone else drive you home since you don’t know exactly how you will feel. Rarely a patient will feel lightheaded or faint, which would be hazardous while driving, both for you and for others.

Some patients will notice a mild ache in the testicles or the lower abdomen appearing later in the day or the next day. This ache, if it occurs, is usually mild and may be felt from time to time over the first few days, perhaps with activities such as getting up or moving quickly. It should not feel acute or severe. It will go away by itself. Anti-inflammatory medications can be of benefit, if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

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