Family Planning

It’s important to understand your family planning options

There are several choices available for contraception and family planning.

We can help you understand these options. Your doctor can also help you make your decision. Temporary or reversible methods of birth control include condoms, spermicides, a diaphragm, an IUD, the pill, the patch, and the Depo shot. Permanent methods include male sterilization by vasectomy and female sterilization by tubal ligation. In making the decision whether vasectomy is right for you, it’s important to understand that vasectomy is not an easy procedure to reverse. It should only be chosen if you’ve decided not to have any (or more) children. While no one can predict the future, it’s important to consider the possibility of unforeseen changes in your life or the lives of your partner and children. We consider vasectomy to be a permanent procedure. If your life plan changes unexpectedly, the options for having children after a vasectomy include adoption, attempted vasectomy reversal, or pregnancy by artificial insemination using either frozen stored sperm, fresh donor sperm, or sperm surgically withdrawn from the testes. All forms of assisted fertility involve a considerable commitment of resources and are not generally covered by health insurance.

Family Planning FAQs

Why consider vasectomy for family planning?

A vasectomy is a quick and convenient operation performed to achieve permanent sterility. It has been performed since the early 1900s and is considered safer, less invasive, and less risky than tubal ligation, the female option for permanent sterility.

Important vasectomy facts

A successful vasectomy is more than 99.5% effective, making it the most reliable method of permanent birth control.

Vasectomy is a common operation, performed about 500,000 times annually in the U.S.

Vasectomy does not affect a man’s hormones, sex drive, or sexual performance.

Vasectomy FAQs

How A Vasectomy Works

This animated video shows how a vasectomy affects male anatomy.

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