Semen Testing

Initial Vasectomy Testing Options

Post-vasectomy semen testing is conducted to ensure that your vasectomy is successful.
Testing must be completed at least 8 weeks after your procedure and after at least 15 ejaculations. Some patients may require several months before their test is successful. In the interim, continue using other forms of birth control.

DrSnip offers mail-in semen testing so that you can conveniently collect and submit your sample in the comfort and privacy of your home. The testing kit will be mailed to your home eight weeks after your vasectomy. Follow the accompanying instructions to collect your sample and drop off the pre-paid box at any USPS location. We will contact you with the results once we receive them. The mail-in kit is not covered by insurance. The patient is responsible for the cost.

We are also happy to place an order for a test to any laboratory that does post-vasectomy semen testing (procedure code CPT 89321). If you prefer this option, we will need the laboratory’s information so that we can order your test. Please note that we are not responsible for any costs that you may incur if you choose this option.

In-House Vasectomy Testing - Only for repeat testing

  1. Wait for at least 8 weeks and at least 15 ejaculations after vasectomy.
  2. Check the Testing Schedule calendar below for our testing dates and hours. We will not be able to process your specimen if you deliver it outside of these hours.
  3. Specimens may be collected up to 24 hours in advance. Refrigerate if held overnight.
  4. Collect semen specimens into a clean plastic cup or glass jar with a tightly sealed lid. We will not accept samples from a condom.
  5. Write your first and last name on the container. Place the container in a clean paper or plastic bag. Complete the test request form and place it in the bag. Write your name on the bag. Specimens cannot be accepted for testing without a completed form and your name written on the container.
  6. Hand your specimen to the front desk during our scheduled testing hours (different from our opening hours).
  7. We will contact you with your test result the same day and send you a final report or instructions for repeat testing, if required.

In-House Testing Schedules - Only for repeat testing

Download the Test Request Form