A $500 Vasectomy (Including Consultation)

DrSnip, a new vasectomy clinic in Portland, is offering a limited time discounted vasectomy for any patients who do not have insurance, or whose plans are not contracted with DrSnip.

Why Get A Vasectomy?

"Vasectomy remains an underutilized procedure in the American healthcare system. It's less invasive, less risky, and less costly than a woman's equivalent sterility procedure, tubal ligation," says Shrikesh Majithia, CEO of DrSnip.

And for a limited time, those cost savings are significantly higher. Through the end of the year, the Portland clinic will discount the procedure to $500, including a comprehensive consultation.

"We want the community to know that we're here to help," Majithia notes. "Our hope is to see patients who could not previously come in due to financial constraints. It's one way we can support the community."

How Long Will This Promotion Last?

The promotion will last through the end of the year. Any patient who is uninsured or has insurance that is not contracted with the clinic, or whose insurance does not cover vasectomy is eligible. And patients with insurance coverage may end up paying even less. "If your plan covers vasectomy, and your deductible has been met this year, the procedure could effectively be free." Majithia says.

Why DrSnip?

DrSnipĀ® has been a leader in vasectomy for over 30 years, serving over 40,000 men and families in the Pacific Northwest. The clinic has developed its own proprietary vasectomy instruments to perform its unique DrSnip Vasectomy Technique.

To learn more, or to schedule your appointment, visit, or call 1.888.SNIP.DOC