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DrSnip has clinics in Seattle and Portland.

To receive a cost estimate or schedule an appointment, please provide us with your information using our secure online webforms, or give us a call at 1.888.SNIP.DOC.

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Visit our Locations page for directions and hours.

For patient follow-up care and semen testing

If you are an existing DrSnip patient and need follow-up care for a non-urgent matter, please call us. After hours, leave a message by pressing “2” and we will reply the next office day.

If you have an urgent medical problem related to your vasectomy and require the doctor’s attention, please call us and we will page the doctor. If it is after hours, you can have the doctor paged by calling us and following the recorded prompts. Clearly state the phone number(s) where we can reach you. Be sure to release any call blocking settings you might have active on your phone line(s).

For semen testing, visit our Semen Testing page for instructions and scheduling information.

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