Post-Vasectomy Care

Vasectomy at DrSnip Means a Shorter Recovery Time.

DrSnip Post-Vasectomy Activity Guidelines

Here’s What to do the Day of Your Procedure and the Next 7 Days

Day of Your Procedure

For the first week, plan to adjust your activities and obligations.

You May

Eat and drink normally

Sit, recline, or lie down

Enjoy TV, reading, computer work

Take Aleve, Tylenol

Take ibuprofen

Write love letters


Drive yourself home

Return to work

Go out to eat or shop

Exercise, go for a walk

Have guests over or visit friends

Engage in sexual activity

Next 7 Days

After seven days there are no restrictions on activities.

You May

Do office work

Go walking

Drive your car

Lift and carry less than 40 lbs

Go shopping

Take showers

Do light physical work

Have sex gently


Heavily exert yourself

Go jogging or golfing

Ride a bike

Lift or carry more than 40 lbs

Roughhouse with kids

Go swimming, bathing

Jump or strain

Disturb your incision

We're always here for you.

Post-vasectomy, your DrSnip doctor is on call for you, 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions, you're not the only one.

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